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"For 25 years I have suffered from digestive issues. Caitlin sent me through food allergy blood testing and we figured out what I am reacting to. We designed a diet and a treatment protocol with herbs and supplements. At first the herbs were hard to take but oddly enough I soon started craving them. I have been free of acid reflux, bloating and stomach pain for six months now"
              -Diana Anderson, Lennar Reality....Fresno, California 

"I was diagnosed with bipolar, PTSD and ADHD in 2007, then put on a plethora of psych med cocktails and disability for the following ten years. I was slowly dying in hell. I had ulcers, colitis, autoimmune diseases, chronic migraines and hormone issues that led to a hysterectomy. I knew I needed to get off western medicine and try something else. I went to see Caitlin in 2019 and started on a plan to taper off the meds. I handed her a bag full of medication, stool softeners and shitty Walgreen supplements and just said "help". She started me on a series of lab tests for hormones, mineral levels and neurotransmitters and then put me on a protocol of specialized creams, bone broth and aloe vera. I am healed and have not been sick since I started working with her. She taught me how to purge my home and body products, no aluminum deodorant etc. I switched to her line of products which are basically food grade. She's a true healer and I wouldn't be where I am today without her information. I've been on a healing journey and spiritual transformation ever since. My life has transformed. I now teach yoga and spent time traveling to learn spiritual philosophies in South America. I am free from the fear based culture that landed me in the scary world of pharmaceuticals. Thank you Caitlin for breathing into me the magical healing power of the plants
                    -Leanna Conley, Yoga Instructor ....Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

"Caitlin is vastly intuitive about her medicinal methodologies. The faith and conviction she brings to her process makes her medicine even more powerful. She's passionately unapologetic about her beliefs regarding the effectiveness of herbalism and astrology. Any counsel that you receive on either will be transformative and will help you take authority over your own health and your own life. I respect her, trust her and refer people from my practice to her often. 
                 --Carrie Tolomei, Founder of The Tolomei Method....Portland, Oregon 

"Where do I start? Working with Caitlin has changed my life! I’ve had chronic health issues for as long as I can remember... depression and anxiety, migraines, menstrual issues, stomach issues, getting sick at least 5 times a year. I always felt like there was something wrong with me...... until I met Caitlin....Not only is Caitlin extremely knowledgeable, she is one of the most compassionate and giving people I have ever met. She truly cares about others and wants to help people get well. If there is something she doesn’t know off-hand she will take the time to research and find out. She is passionate about helping people live their best life. Before I met Caitlin I tried to work with other professionals like her but I could never truly make a change because it was too overwhelming and there wasn’t enough support through the process. Caitlin has literally held my hand while I’ve turned my life around. I started working with Caitlin before my pregnancy, throughout and I continue to work with her. She helped me navigate one of the most exciting and scary times in my life. I’m happy to say I’m the healthiest I have ever been, my son is super healthy and I’m still making changes. Getting healthy is a process. It requires dedication but having someone like Caitlin to work with has made all the difference for me to actually implement what I learn. Not only has she helped me, but because of the changes I’ve made and the differences my family has seen in my life,  my boyfriend and my mom are now working with her to combat their own health issues.
Caitlin is a rare find and we need more humans like her! I could go on and on but if you’re on the fence about working with her... do it! You won’t regret it.

                  -Ashley Greene, Business Owner and New Momma......Fresno, CA

"I've had many astrology readings over the years. Caitlin was the first to really help me to understand astrology and my chart on a deeper and more complete, holistic level in meaningful and powerful ways
                   -Professor Melissa Knight, Founder of the Art of Anger....Fresno, California

"During times of deep introspection, such is that of 2020, I found that knowing my astrological chart tendencies, traps and triggers was so important. Caitlin's approach is fun and easy to comprehend. She has a very large library of wisdom which she uses to personalize her guests experience. I have also gained benefits from using her herbal tinctures and blends. I've sent lots of friends her way to explore themselves as I have done. I have every intention of evolving our client/practitioner relationships for years to come" ​
                   -Kim Del Pozo, Bodyworker/Esthetician/Empath....Fresno, California

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