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Skin Detox: Treating Your Skin as an Organ

Step One: The Oil Exfoliant Wash

***SHAKE THIS ONE BEFORE EACH USE. I do not use toxic binders, they are harmful to skin. All that means is that you’ll need to make sure the exfoliant mineral powder in the cleanser is mixed in before each use. It is heavy and might sink to the bottom, so just simply turn the bottle upside down and tap it against your palm to disperse it before each use

About: This is an oil cleanser! We never want to strip oils or alter sebum with soap or cleansers. Instead the idea is to clean the face with healing oils... In homeopathic medicine, like treats like! In other words, for the best glow, we cleanse our oil pores with… oil! The oil in the cleanser is very similar to sebum and yet does not leave skin feeling oily. Combined with the exfoliation, your skin will never feel softer. The exfoliant properties are a result of the boron trace mineral powder. If you haven't tried boron powder on your skin yet, you are in for a magical surprise. If you want to really understand just how powerful boron is, ask me for some scientific videos on how it pulls Morgellons and nanotech from the skin (yup). Blue yarrow is incredible for the tiny capillaries under the skin and will open them up to flush nutrients to the area.

Directions: splash face with warm water and apply the cleansing oil to fingertips. Massage for a minute into the face and then rinse with water. Pat face dry.

Step 2: The Herbal Toner

About: This is made as a high concentrate, potent decoction of gotu kola, turmeric, witch hazel and white willow bark. Gotu Kola is the hero herb of anti-aging. It blocks the enzyme collagenase from breaking down collagen and elastin in the tissues, thus keeps skin tight! Turmeric is of course anti-inflammatory, witch hazel astringes, and white willow bark provides natural salicylic acid to eat dead debris in the pores. The herbal extraction is preserved only with probiotics, never any chemicals! Which is super rad. All this stuff is basically edible.

Directions: Apply to a cotton ball and massage into face after it’s washed. Let it dry for a few minutes and breath for a bit, then move on to the stem cell serum

Step 3: The Stem Cell Serum

About: These are vegan stem cells derived from plants and they totally rejuvenate healthy cell growth. They are infused into a base of botanical hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, also blended with high mineral North Atlantic Seaweed....people come back for this one faster than any other product I sell, so enjoy!

Directions: After the herbal toner dries completely, use 5 or so drops and massage over face and neck. Let dry for a few minutes.

Step 4: Wrinkle Cream

The secret ingredient here is comfrey, which contains a highly coveted substance called allantoin (companies spend a lot of money to re-create synthetic allantoin in the lab, but they fail to understand that allantoin works best with its fellow constituents in the comfrey plant). The allantoin knits tissues back together, even bone! So when we use it on our face, the wrinkled tissues glue themselves back together (this herb is called knitbone as a nickname….it truly mends tissues back together). Also added are high density mineral herbs with silica like horsetail and alfalfa. This is medicine for the skin.

Directions: Massage over face and neck after stem cell serum dries.

Step 5: Ambrosia Face Oil

About:Everyone overlooks Black Seed Oil for the skin because it’s mostly used as an internal supplement for healing. Black seed oil is medicine for the lipid bi-layer of the cell membrane and it completely reverses oxidative damage of the membrane. When too many free radicals are in the body they bounce off of cell membranes and make holes, which destroy DNA inside the cell. When you feed them black seed oil, the holes close and repair and oxidation stops. If I had to pick one oil, this one would be it. It is holy and its power is unrivaled. I blend it with high quality doterra essential oils targeted at wrinkle repair and even skin coloration.

Directions: You have the choice of alternating this with the wrinkle cream or applying 10 drops or so on top of the wrinkle cream. They work together brilliantly, but also can be alternated. The wrinkle cream is a denser moisturizer and the black seed oil is thin and less dense. You can determine based on the individual needs of your skin.

Congratulations! You just officially removed all toxic chemicals from your skin care routine and are in the realm of purity and healing. The cosmetic industry is a massive scam. They make products for pennies and sell them on the dollar, it’s all about profit. Most of it is false advertising, and all of it is synthetic! They are synthesizing their vitamins from pharma labs and if they claim to have an herb in their products, it’s from a horrible sourced company and essentially a dead herb. The skin is an organ and people don’t realize that putting chemicals on the face is the same thing as eating chemicals. Once your commercial products are removed and replaced with this herbal medicine, you will begin to see a new glow and a new vibrancy coming through your skin!

Happy healing!

Veritas Botanicals

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