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Fulvic Acid Mineral Supplements

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Fulvic acid heals a huge variety of health issues because it provides fundamental nutrition at the cellular level and flushes toxic waste from the body. It heals osteoporosis, structural damage, leaky gut, cancer, blood sugar imbalances, metabolic disorders, gut issues, joint injury, thyroid issues, auto-immune, arthritis, weight problems, bowel disorders, water metabolism problems, adrenal fatigue, mood disorders where neurotransmitters are imbalanced, hormone problems (especially menopausal issues and PMDD). It aids in muscle recovery and greatly reduces oxidative stress, which prevents the breakdown of body tissues, joints and skin. Fulvic acid is a powerful agent with naturally occurring penicillin which balances the microbiome. It flushes candida, SIBO, parasites, fungus overgrowth, and yeast infections. Naturally occurring penicillin has the opposite effect of pharmaceutical penicillin and reverses damage done from antibiotic use. Fulvic acid safely and gently chelates heavy metals of the body. When we are deficient in minerals, it is easy for harmful metals/radioactive isotopes to lodge into bones, fat stores and tissues (according to their relatedness to minerals on the periodic table of elements). WHEN WE ARE DEFICIENT IN MINERALS AND BURDENED WITH HEAVY METALS, WE BECOME WALKING CONDUITS FOR ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES. The EMF bombardment, degrades our cellular membranes and leaves the genetic material insides our cells vulnerable to damage. So begins cancer and other chronic disease. Fulvic minerals pull the heavy metals out, adds the minerals back in and restores the neurological side effects of heavy metal toxicity.

Fulvic is proven to increase blood oxygenation by 40%, it heals cardiovascular issues and helps blood pressure. It increases how oxygen and nutrients move through the entire body, bringing clarity to the brain and energy to the cells. This is extremely beneficial to the heart and assists stroke recovery and prevention. It also has a high level of naturally occurring Iodine. Iodine is crucial for healthy thyroid function and most people are deficient. Sadly, the iodized salt on the market and most iodine supplements aren’t actually iodine (rather, iodide, which does not function the same way in the body). This is one of the reasons we have a hypothyroid epidemic in our country. Fulvic supplies a wonderful array of minerals and vitamins to the thyroid and other glands. Studies show a 40% increase in cellular oxygenation and metabolism. Blood begins to flow readily, carrying with it an abundance of minerals necessary to heal joints and organs. It alkalinizes and regulates the blood which helps heal cardiovascular conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Reconnecting to our sacred soil is crucial and has profound mental, emotional and spiritual implications. While this is an important step for humanity to take, it is important that people begin very slowly when starting the black fulvic dirt. Many are highly toxic and it is common for people to go into a healing crisis. Parasites, biofilm and candida are usually passed in the first four weeks. Starting dose would depend on the toxic burden of the patient. Below are dosing guidelines.

What is it?

Fulvic/humic acid is a mineral supplement. In our modern times, fulvic acid minerals are one of the most important supplements to add into the diet. The soil has been depleted of minerals due to mono-cropping, use of Monsanto fertilizers/pesticides, and commercial agriculture. Sadly, soil is the only place we can obtain crucial minerals. This is a tragic crisis because our bodies have huge mineral requirements in order to function properly. Minerals MUST be available in every single bodily function and system in order to have proper hormone levels, neurotransmitter function, healthy skin and hair, proper gut and immune health, and strong bones. Being deficient in any of them causes degenerative and chronic disease as well as structural breakdown of body tissues (joints, bone, organs, hair, skin, nails). Our bodies require 70+ different minerals and fulvic provides them all, and in the correct ratios. Most fulvic and humic acid on the market is made cheaply from rock, which the body can not readily assimilate. High quality fulvic should be sourced from a pristine peat bog, a result of the decomposition of plant matter over the course of 60,000 years. In the old days of composting and small farming, humans obtained a large amount in their diets. A huge component of our health crisis is a lack of fulvic acid and mineral depletion. Adding them back in can facilitate widespread healing. Thus, WE EAT DIRT!

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