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"The body of the plant heals the body of the person... the spirit of the plant cures the disease.”
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Welcome to Veritas Botanicals, holistic medicine and clinical herbalism. Caitlin is a Naturopathic Practitioner and a Certified Clinical Master Herbalist. She practices a form of herbalism called physiomedicalism, which heals the body by following the vital force of nature and aligning the energetic patterns of body and plants. Her holistic medicine practice incorporates lab diagnostics with cutting edge technology for hormones, methylation, neurotransmitters and metabolic function, gut microbiome, and heavy metal analysis. She also runs panels for autism, ADHD, mood disorders, fibromyalgia, CFS and IgG food allergen response testing. She helps people heal from a wide variety of illnesses including thyroid and endocrine disorders, blood sugar dysfunction, cancer, auto-immune disorders, heart disease, bowel disorders, wart and mole removal, and many other forms of chronic disease. A large part of her practice also focuses on natural forms of pain management. 


Caitlin utilizes an herbal apothecary of 150 different herbal medicines, diet plans, custom supplementation, non-prescriptive bio-identical plant based hormone therapies and the Veritas medicinal product line to bring people back into states of health. As a truly integrative healer, her approach is also psycho-spiritual. She offers emotional counseling to heal the relationship with food and lifestyle and she also uses astrological counseling, alchemical healing principles and medical astrology to help heal the level of mind and soul. This creates a powerful healing protocol that maximizes biological efficiency and heals a wide variety of illnesses.  

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